12 weird reactions lottery winners had when they discovered their giant jackpot wins

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March 22, 2024 March 22, 2024/


Would you stock nan news of your lottery triumph pinch your pet if location was nary 1 other around? One victor did.

Some group admit to screaming astatine nan apical of their lungs erstwhile they triumph nan lottery. Others grip it rather differently.

Here are immoderate different ways winners header pinch their wins according to a caller survey:


#1. One victor was by himself erstwhile he recovered out, truthful he went outside, picked up nan dog, and told her.

#2. 85 percent stayed successful their regular jobs.

#3. Other winners kept moving but changed jobs for thing much enjoyable. "Got different occupation paying less, but pinch little stress," said 1 winner.

#4. More than half, 59%, of each winners reported to being happier.

#5. 17 percent of lottery winners felt much relaxed, but for 14% of them it came astatine a price: “I gained weight because I had thing to interest about," said 1 happy winner.

#6. Only 4 percent of winners felt blameworthy astir their win.

#7. Most winners unreserved to show their families first.

#8. Only 5 percent person kept their triumph a secret.


#9. Over 50% salary disconnected their mortgage, aliases bargain a caller house.

#10. One victor withdrew $10,000 successful rate "just because I could."

#11. 64% stock their prize pinch family aliases friends.

#12. Over 50% donated immoderate of their wins to charity.

And nan astir astonishing statistic astir winning nan lottery?

This: 98% of winners still bargain tickets!

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