TikTok user photoshops his face into a $343 million Powerball photo to get dates

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March 09, 2024 March 09, 2024/

A TikTok personification photoshopped his look connected his Tinder floor plan to make it look for illustration he won $343 cardinal successful an Iowa Lottery Powerball jackpot game.

The DailyDot reported that a screenshot showed that earlier Hieu Thai uploaded nan clone photograph to his Tinder account, he didn’t person immoderate matches.

After he uploaded it to nan celebrated making love site, he had 37.

The TikTok was posted by @papergurus, a TikTok relationship for an world penning assets for students. The video reposted by @papergurus has received complete a cardinal views.

In an email to DailyDot, Paper Gurus said that they didn’t cognize nan original poster of nan video, and that he is nary longer connected TikTok.

Hieu Thai besides photoshopped his sanction onto nan ample Iowa Lottery Powerball cheque that he edited into his photo.

Thai’s video comes aft The Tinder Swindler, a Netflix documentary astir a man who utilized Tinder to link pinch women who he would day simultaneously.

He would yet bargain money from them from nether nan guise of a loan.

Commenters connected nan TikTok video criticised Thai’s imaginable matches, saying that they were only matching pinch him because he made himself look for illustration a lottery winner.


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