Beware of this sneaky lottery store scratch-off card scam that could lose you hundreds of dollars

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Follow these steps to spot if your scratch-off paper is genuine aliases has been tampered with   Photo: File

Be wary erstwhile you play scratch-offs successful 2024, that's nan connection for scratcher players from authorities.

Because immoderate summons sellers are cashing successful connected scratch-off winning tickets pinch a sneaky tactic, and players are missing retired connected prizes.

This is really it works...

The codes are for illustration these astatine nan bottommost of galore scratch cards   Photo: Michigan Lottery

Vendors scratch retired a mini codification astatine nan bottommost of a scratchers summons and past participate that into a lottery machine to find if nan summons is simply a winner.

The merchant past cashes successful nan winning tickets and leaves their customers pinch nan losing ones.

You tin defender against nan scam by examining nan summons for areas that person already been scratched. Check that location are nary numbers revealed astatine nan bottommost of nan ticket.

If you fishy nan paper has been tampered with, telephone 1-800-LOTTERY, officials said.

Watch this video for nan steps you request to return to cheque your scratch-off tickets   Video: YouTube

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