Forever rich: How to start the cashflow game after you win the lottery in 5 easy steps

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You've won $10 cardinal for illustration Trang D. What's your adjacent measurement truthful you don't suffer it?   Photo: OLG

So you won a large lottery prize. Now what?

Having a lump sum from a large lottery prize is simply a awesome emotion astatine first. But erstwhile nan money runs retired successful a twelvemonth aliases 2 - it is not.

This "spending until it's gone" is nan biggest problem for lottery winners, and galore suffer it each successful a fewer short years.

Here's really to debar this problem, and go richer!

The reply is to move your winnings into rate flow.

Robert Kiyosaki has outlined nan ways you tin execute cashflow, and nan I quadrant is nan reply for lottery winners   Image: Robert Kiyosaki

Cashflow is 1 of nan astir important words successful life. It intends conscionable that... rate flowing into your world truthful you tin walk it.

Call it income if you prefer. For astir group it comes from moving a job, trading clip for a play wage.

That’s nan E quadrant successful nan rate travel illustration above. Stands for Employee.

But you don’t want to activity ever again.

So really do you get other rate flowing from a lottery win?

It is remarkably simple...

Robert Kiyosaki, writer of The Cashflow Quadrant   Photo: Supplied

Robert Kiyosaki, writer of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ has outlined nan ways you tin execute rate flow, and this is nan reply for lottery winners too.

Here’s really it works.

With a win, you now person capital.

Your triumph is your capital. You past put that superior - your winnings - into an investment, and past unrecorded disconnected nan liking it produces.

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CASHFLOW: Put your winnings into an investment, and past unrecorded disconnected nan liking it produces.

Say you sewage a $10 cardinal triumph for illustration Trang D pinch her 6/49 lottery win.

Invest that and it will springiness you up to $800,000 a twelvemonth astatine astir 7-8% successful interest. That’s astir $15,800 a week, little tax.

And this magnitude will support coming into your slope account, week aft week, forever.

This magnitude is easy capable to salary a large mortgage, make payments connected cars, boats... and person capable near complete to recreation and unrecorded a good lifestyle.

Worried astir surviving your life pinch repayments for illustration this? Don't be.

When you person this ample magnitude of superior successful nan bank, secured, banks will autumn complete themselves to lend to you.

You don't moreover person to person a occupation aliases regular income for illustration astir different loans, because nan liking is your security.*

And erstwhile you've paid it each disconnected while enjoying life successful nan meantime, you still ain everything you've bought... PLUS your original capital.

Lottery cashflow is for illustration having nan goose that lays nan aureate eggs   Photo: Stock

And nan cashflow liking money keeps connected rolling in. It's for illustration having nan goose that lays nan aureate eggs. You'll ne'er tally out.

It's a win-win situation! Here are nan steps to return aft your win:

  • 1. When you're asked whether you want nan triumph arsenic a lump sum aliases an annuity (payments dispersed retired complete a 20 aliases 30-year period), ever inquire for nan lump amount.

  • 2. Keep immoderate of nan winnings speech for making deposits connected your ample purchases. You whitethorn request $10% connected a location deposit for example.

  • 3. Ask your financial advisor to get you nan safest and highest return connected your capital.

  • 4. Start buying your equipment pinch costs amounts based connected your rate flow.

  • 5. Relax and bask your abundant life!

How easy is that! You are now group for life. Enjoy!

*As ever you should cheque this retired first pinch your financial advisor.

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