Hollywood director Woody Allen, 88, admits to spending $100 a week on lottery tickets

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January 06, 2024 January 06, 2024/

Film head Woody Allen admits he is betting against nan odds   Photo: Compilation

Film head and sometime character Woody Allen has a concealed - he's conscionable for illustration nan remainder of us.

In an question and reply pinch nan Guardian successful 2019, he revealed he likes to look astatine rich | people's houses and play nan lottery.

He spends $100 a week buying lottery tickets, but, he's a small uneducated. He says nan likelihood are 'astronomical.'

“The likelihood are bigger than astronomical," he told Catherine Shoard, successful an question and reply that makes america wonderment why he bothers taking tickets astatine all.

"You’d person a amended chance of shuffling a platform of cards and naming them each successful a row. I’ve ne'er sewage much than 2 numbers.”

“I’d astir apt sprout myself if I sewage 5 and missed by one. That would really beryllium a slayer – but I don’t person that problem."

Woody Allen's room successful his New York flat successful Manhattan's Upper East Side   Photo: Supplied

But he says winning wouldn't alteration him much.

"I've talked this complete pinch my wife. We would still spell connected surviving successful nan aforesaid house, I would spell connected working, I don’t want a boat, I don’t want a plane.”

Allen says he enjoys wealth. “I’m not 1 of those group who has knee-jerk antipathy to wealth. I for illustration to look astatine rich | people. I bask taking a circuit of a very able estate.”

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