How creeping jackpot fatigue affects your lottery playing and how to conquer it fast

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Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt pinch their $528M Powerball prize. Big jackpots pull much players, but it's easy to get complacent astir nan ample amounts   Photo: Florida Lottery

This evening I sat down eagerly astatine my machine and rubbed my hands together pinch glee.

This is nan portion I enjoy...

I was astir to capable retired nan Mega Millions and Powerball results successful nan sidebar on the Silver Lotto website.

Every time I spell to this file and update nan jackpot figures.

Some person been climbing fast, for illustration nan Mega Millions, now $425M.

But the Powerball is down astatine only $285M.

Doesn't get overmuch bigger than this - nan existent winning summons from 1 of nan largest Powerball jackpots ever, $1.58 billion   Photo: Tennesee Powerball

And I get a small disappointed.

Powerball has only gone up by $20M? That doesn’t look a large amount.

Of course, what I'm suffering from is what each different subordinate has also...

I telephone it Jackpot Fatigue.

The multi-million numbers I'm entering person made maine unsighted to nan tremendous magnitude of money this represents.

Wayne Murray won $20 cardinal by getting 2 $10M wins from nan aforesaid store   Photo: New York Lottery

It's silly of course. Even $20 million will make a monolithic quality to anyone's life.

But because we are viewing specified ample numbers each nan time, we go immune to them.

That's why it is truthful difficult to convince lottery players to return nan debased jackpot games which they person acold better odds of winning.

TIP: You tin triumph nan low-prize games acold much easy than nan large prize games.

You tin triumph nan low-prize games far much easy than nan large prize games.

And moreover if nan prize is only a million or 2 - it will genuinely alteration your life.

But astir of america want nan eyewatering, whopping, over-the-top amounts.

For example, nan $1.58 cardinal Powerball jackpot successful nan photograph supra attracted tens of millions more players complete nan play period.

Proof correct there. Despite nan likelihood being measurement retired of their favor.

Edwin Castro ignored proposal to play nan mini games and won $2.04 Billion successful California successful 2022   Photo: Supplied

If you want to play nan large games, it's your choice, and I supply proposal successful these articles to thief you do it.

Of course, galore of nan ample jackpot games besides person large secondary prizes - usually a cardinal dollars, truthful you won’t miss out.

And these amounts are still life-changing.

So prime nan prize fig you want to triumph and spell for it!

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