How to win the lottery faster with Grant Cardone’s 10X rule

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Millionaire Grant Cardone

Multi-millionaire Grant Cardone is good known for accelerating results pinch his 10X Rule   Photo: Stock/compilation

One of my most-read books is Grant Cardone’s ‘The 10X Rule,’ and I’ll show you why.

I erstwhile won a sweepstake. At nan tender property of 9, I was capable to cod much tickets than anyone else.

I was aiming to triumph a formation successful an amphibian craft disconnected a section beach.

So I sewage active. I asked group astir maine connected nan formation for their tickets... I pleaded, I cajoled.

I desperately wanted that formation – my first ever – that was going successful little than an hour.

A Grumman Widgeon craft akin to nan 1 I won a formation in   Photo: Supplied

I won, sitting successful nan co-pilot's spot arsenic Fred Ladd, nan pilot, called retired his celebrated catchphrase "A ablution of spray and we're away!"

It was past I realized past nan sheer powerfulness of numbers.

What I did applies arsenic to nan lottery, aliases immoderate different crippled of chance for illustration a sweepstake aliases a contest.

The concealed is nan same: Make Multiple Entries.

Want to triumph sweepstakes arsenic good arsenic nan lottery? You tin find galore sites for illustration offering you chances to triumph prizes.   Photo: Stock/compilation

Want to triumph much lotteries and sweepstakes? The reply is arsenic elemental arsenic nan aforesaid maneuver that gets you much lottery prizes. Do more.

Winning much is arsenic elemental arsenic doing this arsenic confirmed by this master successful a Business Insider article:

"To triumph a batch of sweepstakes, you request to participate a batch of sweepstakes. There isn't overmuch other you tin do that will person an effect connected really galore items you win."

Readers Digest cruise

Reader's Digest are good known for their agelong moving sweepstakes   Photo: Supplied

To triumph more, you simply person to:

  • Play much lottery games

  • Play much frequently

  • Play much tickets

Almost thing you do successful nan lottery – and your life – tin beryllium improved by doing more.

Chicken outlet Raising Cane’s laminitis Todd Graves purchased 50,000 Mega Millions lottery tickets for his staff   Photo: Raising Canes

If you tin find a measurement to summation everything you do, you'll beryllium a victor earlier.

TIP: Almost everything successful nan lottery and your life tin beryllium improved by doing MORE

And Grant Cardone has seen his income and motivational business rocket erstwhile he applies his system.

It’s Massive Action that is nan cardinal here. Don't hide it.

Do more, play more. It ever leads to success.

The much tickets you play, nan much nan lottery pays   Photo: Stock

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