How you can win the lottery using Burger King's clever copycat method

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Burger King showed a consciousness of joke erstwhile McDonald's sewage bulldozed crossed nan road   Photo: Supplied

Competition is sometimes a bonus.

Several decades agone McDonald's was nan No.1 hamburger chain. And Burger King was No.2.

How did Burger King get to that 2nd spot against each nan competing chains?

Simply by being a copycat.

Burger King and McDonald's signs whitethorn look different, but BK had a low-cost advantage   Photo: Supplied

They did it by cleverly deciding wherever to build caller branches astatine a fraction of nan costs of different chains.

Here's really they did it...

While McDonald's would walk millions of dollars analyzing nan cleanable spots to build on, Burger King would hold it out.

Once nan determination was made and building began connected nan caller McDonald's, Burger King would simply build a caller edifice crossed nan street.

ADVANTAGE: Burger King won by simply building a caller edifice crossed nan street.

By smartly utilizing McDonald's research, Burger King achieved a virtually identical location result astatine a fraction of nan cost.

It seems evident to use that successful result erstwhile you play nan lottery. Don't walk a batch of money experimenting connected tickets that whitethorn aliases whitethorn not win.

You find a strategy that useful and build your luck crossed nan street!

Be a copycat. Do it by utilizing these proven, 3-step lottery winning steps

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