Largest bail amount by a lottery player was $21 million by Powerball winner Marie Holmes

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It's thought to beryllium a grounds for nan largest magnitude spent connected a bail information by a lottery winner. Marie Holmes and partner Lamarr McDow (inset)   Photo: Compilation

The largest magnitude spent connected bail by a lottery subordinate successful nan USA is reported to beryllium $21 cardinal by Marie Holmes, a Powerball lottery winner.

Holmes won a $188 cardinal Powerball jackpot and received $88 million aft taxes from her 2015 win.

But she utilized a ample information of her Powerball winnings to bail her boyfriend, Lamarr McDow (right), retired of jailhouse connected aggregate occasions.

The bail payments included $3 cardinal for his first release, followed by $6 cardinal and $12 cardinal for consequent arrests, totaling $21 million.

These payments were made respective times erstwhile McDow faced various charges.

Was this a afloat payment? And if not, really overmuch did Powerball multi-millionaire Holmes person near complete from her bail spend?

It seems bail payments are complex.

McDow and Holmes talking

Marie Holmes and partner Lamarr McDow talk astir nan $188 cardinal Powerball win   Photo: Supplied

Bail Bondsman's Fee

When personification uses a bail bondsman's services, they typically salary a non-refundable fee, usually astir 10% of nan full bail amount.

This interest is nan costs of nan bondsman's services and is not returned, sloppy of nan case's outcome.

Bail refunds

The existent bail money posted arsenic a guarantee for nan defendant's quality successful tribunal tin beryllium refunded if nan suspect adheres to each nan position of their release, including appearing for each tribunal dates.

If nan suspect fails to look successful court, nan bail tin beryllium forfeited.

Marie Holmes and partner Lamarr McDow successful happier times   Photo: Supplied

Holmes' bail

In Marie Holmes' case, it's unclear whether she utilized a bail bondsman aliases paid nan bail directly. If she utilized a bail bondsman, nan fees she paid (10% of nan full bail amount) would not beryllium refunded.

If she paid nan bail directly, and McDow adhered to nan conditions of his bail (including appearing for each tribunal dates), nan bail magnitude would typically beryllium eligible for refund minus immoderate tribunal fees aliases fines.

The Outcome

The refund of nan bail money paid by Marie Holmes for Lamarr McDow depends connected 2 factors: whether she paid straight aliases utilized a bail bondsman, and whether McDow met each nan bail conditions, including appearing successful court.

If she utilized a bail bondsman, nan interest she paid (typically astir 10% of nan bail amount) is non-refundable.

If Holmes paid nan bail straight and McDow followed each bail conditions, nan bail magnitude would beryllium eligible for refund, minus immoderate court-related costs.

There is nary nationalist accusation disposable astatine nan infinitesimal that confirms whether nan bail was refunded successful this case.

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