See yourself running with bulls or chilling with giraffes with Washington Lottery's new app

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Imagine seeing your ain look successful these photos pinch nan Washington Lottery's AI app   Photo: Washington Lottery

Imagine winning nan lottery and past seeing a photograph of yourself connected an escapade astir nan world.

That's what Washington's Lottery is offering pinch their caller "Test Drive a Win" characteristic app.

The series is easy to travel to put yourself into these exotic places   Image: iPhone screenshot

It's for illustration a magic model connected your mobile that lets anyone spot what winning large could look like.

This cool app lets you return aliases upload a image and prime anyplace connected Earth you'd emotion to visit.

In a snap, you're disconnected connected an epic journey, each acknowledgment to immoderate smart exertion and a spot of AI imagination.

Imagine yourself successful an exotic carnival   Photo: Washington Lottery

For complete 10 years, nan Washington Lottery has been each astir dreaming big.

They've worked pinch nan Department of Imagination to push these dreams moreover further.

All nan nosy of recreation imagined erstwhile you usage nan app   Photo: Washington Lottery

This year, they've stepped up their crippled by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to make these dreams travel live successful their ads.

This isn't conscionable astir showing disconnected what AI tin do; it's astir letting group spot themselves surviving their dream lottery win.

That's you connected nan waterslide arsenic imagined by AI   Photo: Washington Lottery

Whether you want to tally pinch nan bulls successful Spain aliases chill pinch giraffes successful Africa, Washington's Lottery says, "Why not?"

The campaign, created by VML Seattle, afloat embraced AI.

It's location successful nan TV commercials, showing group walking nan globe, and successful societal media films that ideate mini groups of friends enjoying unthinkable trips funded by their lottery wins.

Thanks to a typical AI level by Secret Level, this acquisition is personalized.

Try retired nan app for yourself by utilizing nan QR codification connected your phone   Image: Washington Lottery

It's truthful user-friendly that anyone tin spot themselves jet-setting to their dream destination pinch conscionable a fewer clicks.

This clever usage of exertion opens up a full caller world of possibilities, making nan imagination of a lottery triumph much vivid and breathtaking than ever before.


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