She forgot her ticket but went from debt to $135,000 richer: one woman's bonus lottery win

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The anonymous victor M.B, an electrician, forgot astir her summons for 5 months   Photo: Stock/compilation

Imagine you're connected your accustomed way location from work, tired but fresh to whip up immoderate dinner.

This is what M.B., an anonymous winner, maestro electrician and mom from Lynnwood, did 1 seemingly mean day.

The victor stopped by her section Fred Meyer for groceries and bought nan summons connected a whim   Photo: Google Maps

She stopped by her section Fred Meyer for groceries and, connected a whim, bought a HIT 5 lottery summons from a machine.

Busy pinch life, she shoved nan summons successful her container and forgot astir it.

Fast guardant a fewer months, and her hubby nudges her to cheque that aged lottery ticket.

A Washington State Lottery vending machine   Photo: Stock

Following his suggestion, she scanned it astatine nan aforesaid Lottery vending machine.

To her astonishment, nan instrumentality didn't conscionable congratulate her; it told her to spot nan lottery's location office.

Why? Because she hadn't conscionable won a fewer bucks. She had won a whopping $135,000!

Her family couldn't judge their eyes erstwhile they saw nan triumph confirmed   Photo: Stock

Her hubby and boy couldn't judge their eyes erstwhile they saw nan confirmation.

That 1 forgotten summons turned retired to beryllium a aureate summons for M.B., wiping retired her indebtedness and making her debt-free.

Now, if you're not acquainted pinch HIT 5, it's a crippled from Washington State wherever you salary a dollar to play.

You prime 5 numbers (or fto nan machine take for you) retired of 42. If your numbers lucifer nan winning numbers, you triumph cash.

The Washington Lottery Hit5 game is conscionable $1 per play   Photo: Stock/compilation

The much numbers you match, nan bigger your prize.

And for M.B, erstwhile each her numbers matched, landing her that life-changing prize, it proved sometimes nan champion surprises travel erstwhile we slightest expect them.

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