Taylor Swift? Massachusetts Lottery presents their own 'Taylor' for their budget Superbowl commercial spot

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Remarkably, nan commercialized was produced in-house astatine nary other cost, featuring Shane Taylor, who was simply sent for a haircut earlier stepping successful beforehand of nan camera.

Bracken described nan advertisement arsenic "straight-to-the-point" and "tongue-in-cheek," noting that while it whitethorn not straight thrust sales, it's expected to make buzz and get group talking astir nan "Lifetime Millions" game.

He revealed that nan advertisement was initially scheduled for pre-game slots but, by a changeable of luck, was upgraded to aerial during nan crippled itself.

The commercial will beryllium broadcast successful nan Boston area connected WBZ’s Channel 4 and successful Springfield done a CBS affiliate, offering a lighthearted infinitesimal for viewers amidst nan Super Bowl festivities.

This attack by nan Massachusetts State Lottery not only intends to entertain but besides to punctual viewers of nan breathtaking opportunities disposable done their games.

With "Lifetime Millions" already proving to beryllium a hit, nan Super Bowl commercialized is group to present moreover much imaginable players to nan chance of winning big, each while providing a humorous break from nan game's intensity.

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