The crazy reason this $12 million lottery winner pretended to be poor before he married

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Joe Johnson didn’t uncover he was a millionaire to early woman Lisa   Photo: Daily Mail

If you thought a gold-digging partner was aft your lottery money, what would you do?

Having been spurned earlier by women taking advantage of his caller wealth, a UK man went to awesome lengths to hide it erstwhile he began making love a caller woman.

It was only erstwhile they were engaged that Joe told Lisa he had a secret   Photo: Daily Mail

When first they met, Joe Johnson wore ratty clothes, drove a heap of a car and gave his caller flame, Lisa, a cheap, unremarkable ringing for Christmas successful a bid to trial her emotion for him.

He moreover made Lisa salary nan bills, and took her connected a vacation from hellhole to a cockroach-infested apartment.

Only erstwhile nan 2 were engaged months later and Joe was satisfied that Lisa's intentions were pure, that he told her.

The book that Joe Johnson wrote revealed nan complete communicative astir his wealthiness path   Photo: Amazon

"I could spot he didn't person a batch of money," Lisa told nan Daily Mail, "so for him to walk what small he had connected specified a thoughtful gift was lovely. It meant nan world to maine - it still does."

The love-struck Joe divulged his concealed to his caller fiancée that he was hiding a $12 cardinal (£10 million) lottery luck he had won successful 1998.

He had turned nan triumph into a booming finance portfolio and a drawstring of luxury properties.

"It was nan only measurement I could ever show that I was genuinely loved for who I was, not because of nan money," Joe said later astir his elaborate trick.

Guess what Joe did next? He wrote a book astir his experiences.

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