The strange Jekyll and Hyde Effect: Do lottery winners change their personality?

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Do you alteration erstwhile you triumph nan lottery for illustration a Jekyll and Hyde character? Or do others alteration because they spot you differently? 

Dr. H. Roy Kaplan explored that mobility successful his book, "Lottery Winners: How They Won and How Winning Changed Their Lives."

He said that winning nan lottery doesn't alteration people, but nan "effects connected their characteristic from past influences and ingrained values are near intact."

Dr Kaplan said you catapult group overnight from 1 economical position to different pinch a lottery win.

But a life of beliefs and experiences alteration much slowly.

"People who were outgoing and gregarious earlier winning took it successful stride," Kaplan wrote.

"People who were awkward and withdrawn earlier winning became suspicious and paranoid."

The pursuing examples show nan facts astir this mentation are very true.

Jim McCullar (center) collects his Washington State Lottery $190 cardinal Mega Millions check   Photo: Daily Mail

Jim McCullar of Washington state, who claimed half of a Mega Millions $380 cardinal prize successful 2011.

But said he was initially acrophobic to travel forward.

CNN newsman Elizabeth Landau reported that he said, “All we saw were predators and we were acrophobic to do thing until we sewage down present pinch constabulary protection."

Lee McDaniel accepting his $5 cardinal Georgia Lottery check   Photo: CNN

It was a different communicative pinch Lee McDaniel, 67, of Stone Mountain, Georgia, who won $5 cardinal successful nan Georgia Lottery.

He says he has seen nary downsides astatine each and doesn't person anyone successful his life chasing aft his money.

He remodeled his house, bought a ample RV and a Jeep, and put immoderate of his triumph into low-risk investments.

You tin bargain nan 1978 hardcover book 'Lottery Winners...' book from Amazon   Image: Amazon

It shows that winners set to their fortunes successful a scope of ways, and not each of these adjustments are negative.

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