These 14 celebrities astonishingly admit they play the lottery despite their wealth

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Pools news - John Legend's supermodel wife, Chrissy Teigen, bought her first lottery summons successful a 2012 Mega Millions game. Sadly she didn't win   Photo: File

A small while agone we reported connected billionaire Tom Crist who won a $40 cardinal lottery jackpot - and astoundingly gave it each away.

Retired billionaire Tom Crist gave distant his $40 cardinal win   Photo: OLG

But it's not only nan super-rich who person tried their luck and played lotto.

These 14 celebrities will beryllium acquainted faces to astir of nan world. Their soiled secret? They each confess to person played nan lottery astatine immoderate time.


We study beneath connected character Hugh Jackman who has a weird contented pinch lottery tickets   Photo: File

Matt Kemp, nan shot prima who plays successful nan NBL has an yearly net of $21 million, arsenic good arsenic nan millions he has earned successful his erstwhile years. 

So erstwhile he posted pictures connected his Twitter relationship holding dozens of Mega Millions tickets, he drew a adjacent magnitude of criticism.

Matt Kemp

Baseball prima Matt Kemp   Photo: File

TV show "X Factor" leader Simon Cowell says that he still plays nan National Lottery contempt his reported £420 cardinal (US$550 million) showbiz fortune.

"I still bargain lottery tickets. I still play," said nan euphony mogul recently. 

Simon Cowell

TV show "X Factor" leader Simon Cowell   Photo: File

Celeb Paris Hilton bought 1500 entries successful Italy’s nationalist Superenalotto crippled successful 2008.

It’s not nan first clip Paris has played this game. She justified herself by saying: "If I won, I would donate 10 percent to kindness benefits."

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton bought tickets successful Italy’s nationalist Superenalotto   Photo: File

Actor heartthrob George Clooney made a artifact acquisition of 1,000 SuperEnaLotto tickets, hoping to deed nan jackpot truthful he could donate nan full sum to nan group of Haiti for earthquake relief.


George Clooney bought 1,000 SuperEnaLotto tickets   Photo: Supplied

Actress Elizabeth Hurley, a bully friend of George Clooney, besides bought 500 SuperEnaLotto tickets to thief nan Haiti earthquake relief.


Actress Elizabeth Hurley bought SuperEnaLotto tickets   Photo: Supplied

Madonna was 1 of nan SuperEnalotto lottery’s large winners successful 2012.

She donated her prize money, €120,000 successful secondary prizes, to nan building of schools successful Malawi, Africa.


Madonna was 1 of SuperEnalotto lottery’s large winners   Photo: File

TV comedian Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report tweeted "Just bought a Mega Millions summons astatine nan deli. I'm beautiful judge I'm gonna win, truthful I besides bought 363 cardinal bucks worthy of yogurt."

Stephen Colbert

TV comedian Stephen Colbert   Photo: YouTube

Actress Kirstie Alley (Cheers) said, "If I triumph nan Cali lottery, I'd get 500 million, little 250 cardinal disconnected nan apical for nan IRS, minus 100 mil to charities, minus..."


Cheers prima Kirstie Alley is ever hopeful   Photo: File

Rob Dyrdek of MTV's Rob & Big spent $700 connected Mega Millions tickets.

According to friends, Dyrdek, 37, purchased nan money connected speedy picks astatine his section AM/PM successful Hollywood, paying cash.


Rob Dyrdek of MTV's Rob & Big spent $700 connected Mega Millions   Photo: File

Actor Adam Baldwin (no narration to Alec Baldwin) has said: "If I win, I'm buying @keder. RT @mpoppel." What that intends we don't know.


Actor Adam Baldwin   Photo: Supplied

Washington Wizards and 6' 9" hoops subordinate Chris Singleton tweeted that he will walk $10,000 connected lottery tickets, and he did.

Chris Singleton

Chris Singleton spent $10,000 connected lottery tickets   Photo: File

Star Trek and Lost writer Damon Lindelof bought tickets for nan Mega Millions, and said, "I'd beryllium kicking myself for nan remainder of my life if they [the Numbers] came successful and I hadn't played them because I'm greedy for illustration that."

Star Trek writer Damon Lindelof bought Mega Millions tickets   Photo: File

When Australian character Hugh Jackman was filming Real Steel successful Michigan successful 2011, he bought lottery tickets for each personnel of nan movie crew, each week. He explained, "It’s my measurement of paying taxes."

Hugh Jackman

While filming, character Hugh Jackman bought 500 lottery tickets for each personnel of nan movie crew   Photo: File

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