This futuristic mansion in a New York lottery ad is not what it seems

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The elephantine lounge successful nan modern mansion ad   Photo: YouTube

This all-white futuristic house of nan early features successful a New York Lottery commercial.

But you'll beryllium amazed erstwhile you find retired where–and what–this building really is.

The room successful nan advertisement is portion of a depository transformed into an exotic modernistic home   Photo: Elizabeth Felicella

It’s a small difficult to judge nan mounting of this ultra-cool advertisement.

Well, turns retired this mansion is portion of nan Museum of nan Moving Image (MoMI) successful Astoria, Queens, New York.

MoMI is simply a taste institution dedicated to nan art, history, and exertion of film, television, and integer media.

The 'mansion' is really nan cafe situated astatine nan backmost of nan lobby   Photo: Wendy Moger-Bross

MoMI was designed by Thomas Leeser. The mansion’s room is really nan cafe astatine nan backmost of nan lobby.

MoMI offers an immersive acquisition pinch interactive exhibits, uncommon artifacts, and a broad postulation of cinematic memorabilia.

The thoroughfare entranceway to MoMI   Photo: Google Maps

Visitors tin research nan improvement of moving images, from classical films to cutting-edge integer media, and moreover participate successful hands-on activities.

Watch nan video, 'Future You' here, arsenic it promotes nan Cash-4-Life crippled for nan New York Lottery:

View nan video 'Future You' here, which promotes nan Cash 4 Life crippled for nan New York Lottery.   Video: YouTube

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