This magic word will force you to win the lottery faster and more often

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As nan precocious patient and multi-millionaire Felix Dennis said: "The harder you sweat, nan luckier you get."

My communicative explains how:

Many eons agone I was nan proud proprietor of my ain organization newspaper. Circulation 20,000. I founded it.

And past (usually exhausted) I did everything successful it... designed it, wrote news stories, took nan photos, drew a play cartoon, and did nan afloat layout of nan 12 to 16 pages each week.

And sold advertising.

I was very bully astatine it all. The insubstantial quickly thrived and I took connected staff.

And successful nan midst of that whirl of media madness, I discovered a secret that allowed maine to PREDICT erstwhile I would waste a definite level of advertising.

I had figured retired really galore ads I could get each week simply by watching a definite number.

It was this leverage concealed that I uncover to you now, and really it applies to winning a lottery prize...

  • SECRET #1. For each 10 shops I visited, I would get 3 ads. Consistently. Sometimes I had to sojourn much businesses to make nan ratio, but it ever came successful connected target.

  • SECRET #2. For each 20 stores I saw, I would get a full-page ad. Consistently. That was large money successful those days too, astir $400.

Some weeks I was capable to double my quota by going to different regions aliases visiting much stores. 

And conjecture what? My income income doubled also. In different words, nan much I did, nan luckier I got.

It applies to you and lotto also. I don't cognize erstwhile you will triumph your lottery game. No-one does. But you CAN measurement connected nan accelerated pedal and velocity nan full process up considerably. Here are immoderate tips:

  • Instead of buying 5 tickets astatine a time, bargain 50 successful nan aforesaid game.

  • Playing 1 crippled only? Try 2 aliases much games successful nan aforesaid timeframe.

  • Spread your chances around. Try different kinds of games you would usually not play because nan likelihood are excessively precocious aliases nan prize was excessively low. Experiment a little.

  • Join a syndicate to hugely amended your chances.

In different words, arsenic you visualize maine stepping from pizza shop to dress shop, supermarket to artifact store, retrieve really you tin triumph much often arsenic I did by covering much crushed - playing much games.

The Magic Word is frequency. The much you play, nan much you win!

Increase your play wave - play galore times much if you can. You'll reap what you sowed!

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