Unluckiest UK lottery player gets right ticket numbers - but on WRONG draw

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Rossi Carmina was shocked to find that he had each nan correct numbers connected his EuroMillions summons but connected nan incorrect tie date   Photo: Kennedy News/rossi_arts

When UK student Rossi Carmina bought a EuroMillions summons connected Jan 3, his results connected nan National Lottery website showed that he hadn’t won immoderate prize successful that week.

But erstwhile nan 23-year-old checked his numbers connected nan app, he was astonished to find they each matched nan Jan 7 draw. He had entered nan incorrect tie day erstwhile he purchased online, and his £14,189,900 (US$19 million) summons was worthless.

His scorecard shows he matched each number for nan earlier lottery - 18, 28, 35, 36, 41, 6, 11 - but won thing owed to his mistaken date   Photo: Kennedy News/rossi_arts

Rossi, from Bromley, southbound London, said: "It's fortunate to person nan chance for nan numbers to match, but to not bargain nan summons is nan complete opposite. You consciousness for illustration nan astir unlucky personification successful Britain astatine nan time.”

Rossi had entered nan January 7 EuroMillions tie 4 days successful beforehand alternatively than nan January 4 1 that matched his numbers   Photo: Compilation

"It deed location successful nan adjacent 2 days. I was contemplating each nan things I could person done. I could bargain my mum a caller location and bargain a Ferrari. It's difficult not to deliberation astir it. I'd person been group for life."

The freelance creator has admitted that this coincidence has made it difficult to ore connected his uni deadline this month.

But he hasn't been put disconnected entering nan lottery successful nan early and said he will still bargain a summons 'every truthful often'.

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