When should you buy your lottery tickets - early or on the draw day? We tell you the ideal time

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Avoid highest acquisition times, aliases you whitethorn get stuck successful a agelong statement and tally retired of time.   Photo: supplied

WHEN do you bargain your tickets for nan adjacent game? 


Some players bargain early successful nan week. They person these reasons for their decision:

  • The buying chore is now retired of nan way.

  • They won't get sidetracked and hide to bargain earlier nan draw.

  • They tin relax and bask nan lead-up to nan tie time.

Others will bargain connected nan day, arsenic adjacent to nan tie closing clip arsenic possible. For them, it adds to nan excitement of playing.

Remember, it won't make immoderate difference to your triumph rate aliases winning likelihood by either buying early aliases late.

It won't impact thing astir nan tickets aliases nan draw.

But location are different problems you mightiness look erstwhile you either bargain tickets precocious aliases early:

man buying lottery ticket

He mislaid $27 million! Joel Ifergan bought 7 seconds precocious and missed retired connected millions successful his Canadian lottery game. Photo: CTV News

The downside to buying late:

  • Sometimes successful a large tie everyone other will bargain precocious excessively and origin a holdup.

  • Or for illustration Joel Ifergan above, you mightiness beryllium fixed nan incorrect accusation that stops you from buying earlier nan deadline has passed.

  • Or you whitethorn tally nan consequence of bad upwind holding you up. It only takes 1 snowstorm aliases roadworthy flood.

Don't time off it until nan past minute!

Remember to scheme up for agelong queues astatine your lottery shop erstwhile a celebrated crippled plays. Photo: Supplied

A batch of nan nosy of playing nan lottery is nan anticipation of winning big.

So erstwhile you bargain early, you tin usage nan clip to deliberation astir really nan prize money tin alteration your life.

It makes consciousness to bask these affirmative thoughts for arsenic agelong arsenic you can.

TIP: If you play weekly, bargain your tickets erstwhile you are successful nan lotto shop collecting your triumph aliases checking your results.

If you play weekly, past why not bargain your tickets for nan adjacent crippled erstwhile you are successful nan shop checking your tickets, aliases collecting a win?

That measurement you person a afloat 7 days to bask nan anticipation and dream astir nan imaginable financial windfall.

Talk astir it pinch your friends aliases family and fto your imagination spell wild.

Montreal man bought 7 seconds precocious for $27 cardinal lottery jackpot. VIDEO: YouTube


There are upsides and downsides to buying tickets precocious aliases early. Our proposal is to bargain early.

You trim nan consequence of missing retired and summation your clip to bask nan anticipation of a elephantine win.

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