Why some lottery players give up before they start - and why you shouldn't

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Many lottery games person likelihood truthful precocious they look intolerable to win, but here's a look to thief you   Photo: Mega Millions

Many lottery players springiness up earlier they start. That's because they support getting told really intolerable nan likelihood of winning are.

There are moreover sites that fto them cipher nan intolerable likelihood for themselves.

They're told nan odds of winning are:

  • Higher than getting struck by lightning

  • Once each 268,920 years (for nan 649 game)

  • Higher than getting kicked by a donkey (unless you ain a donkey petting zoo!)

Peter McCathie was struck by lightning AND won nan lottery   Photo: Lotto Looks

If you've ever clicked to nan page wherever galore lotteries show nan odds of winning, I wouldn't beryllium amazed if you've instantly thought of giving up.

You deliberation that this immense likelihood ratio is stacked against you, and it will make it intolerable to get a winning prize.

Don't despair! It's not what it seems.

When you deliberation astir why nan likelihood are truthful high, it's rather logical.

Let's look astatine Mega Millions.

The likelihood of winning nan Mega Millions jackpot are 1 successful 302,575,350.

Now here's nan secret.

It only applies to 1 summons only.

That’s if you bargain 1 ticket, your likelihood are 1 successful 302,575,350.

But if you acquisition 2 tickets pinch different numbers, your likelihood amended to 2 successful 302,575,350 (or 1 successful 151,287,675).

And truthful it goes on, correct connected down to conscionable 1:12.

The much tickets you bargain successful 1 game, nan little your likelihood become   Photo: Supplied

So nan more tickets you buy, nan little your likelihood become. But that could soon go very expensive.

For a lottery for illustration nan Mega Millions, if you bargain 100 tickets ($200), your likelihood amended to 100 successful 302,575,350 aliases astir 1 successful 3,025,753.5.

The reply is to bargain arsenic galore tickets arsenic practical.

Your chances are ALWAYS improved.

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