Would you tip the lottery store where you bought your winning tickets after a big win?

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Lottery shop owners for illustration Young Soolee successful Atlanta supply an basal work for players pinch their stores   Photo: Mercury News

The shopkeeper astatine my section lotto shop gave maine a smile. "How are you today?" she asked.

"I person thing for you," I said, slipping her an envelope, and watching arsenic she opened it.

"Oh my goodness!" she said, "Is this for real?" She flipped done nan notes that I knew added up to $1,000 successful total.


Some stores go nan halfway of attraction erstwhile a large tie is sold. Owner Parmeet Singh speaks to reporters astatine nan shop successful Milpitas, California astir a $425 cardinal Powerball triumph there   Photo: AP/Martha Mendoza

I explained to her that erstwhile I won immoderate superior prizes I would stock immoderate of my winnings pinch her. And I ever travel through.

Now I'm 1 of their favourite clients.

Some group don't deliberation a extremity is necessary. They reason that nan shop whitethorn get publicity from nan winning tickets anyway, and successful immoderate countries immoderate lottery franchisees get a mini percent of nan prize.

But I urge you extremity nan shop for these reasons:

  • It makes you unforgettable. Just deliberation of nan number of winners who don't extremity (and from my talks pinch galore shops - they don't). It's ever a bully point to person immoderate karmic in installments going.

  • You will beryllium celebrated pinch them for years ahead. You whitethorn get typical curen and small discounts present and location that adhd up to a very happy measurement to shop.

  • It is nary nonaccomplishment to you if you only springiness successful proportionality to your prize. My ain guideline is for each prize of $50,000 I would springiness $1,000. Under that it would beryllium 1%, starting astatine $1,000.

What a awesome measurement to commencement reasoning astir distributing your riches! What do you think?

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