You won't believe what Woody Allen said about the lottery - it's shockingly accurate

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Producer / actor/ movie maker/ comedian Woody Allen besides plays nan clarinet.   Photo: File

My hairdresser stopped what he was doing to my hair.

With nan scissors and comb still successful his hands, he walked complete to nan woody antagonistic that held his till and phone, and tapped nan surface.

Then he walked backmost to maine and continued his conversation. What made him do this?

Superstition, plain and simple.

Not maine successful nan seat, but this barber besides trim hairsbreadth on pinch mustaches   Photo: Stock

He was talking astir not getting a acold this winter, and said nan fateful words, "Touch wood," arsenic he patted nan woody furniture.

That was nan sole logic for his travel crossed nan salon.

Woody Allen: "90% of occurrence is showing up."

It opened my eyes to nan silliness of superstition, but not arsenic overmuch arsenic reference astir nan superstitions of tennis supremo Venus Williams.

When she mislaid a lucifer successful Paris a fewer years back, she put it down to nan following:

  • She didn't necktie her laces right

  • She didn't bounce nan shot 5 times

  • She didn't bring her ablution sandals to nan court

  • She didn't person her other dress


Venus Williams is famously superstitious successful her tennis game   Photo: File

Williams said she knew it was fate, that nan triumph wasn't going to happen. Well, I deliberation she brought her bad luck connected herself.

And that's nan quality betwixt luck and nan lottery.

No magnitude of rubbing rabbit's feet, rubbing wood, aliases utilizing a fortunate pen will make nan lottery balls travel down nan chute successful immoderate different way.

The champion you tin do is meet that opportunity head-on. And you do that by eliminating arsenic overmuch that tin spell incorrect arsenic possible.

The concealed to winning much is to play often   Photo: Stock

You are not a sportsman relying connected your skills. You are simply moving pinch numbers and odds, and that's a different shot game.

Your champion stake is thing that filmmaker Woody Allen erstwhile said astir occurrence and competition: "90% of occurrence is showing up."

Show up. Play often. Simple arsenic that.

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